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The Bronx River Parkway Reservation Conservancy is an advocate for the protection and preservation of the nation's first public parkway. With a speed limit of 40 miles per hour, the parkway was built exclusively for automobile use... albeit those of another era.

Today the Bronx River Parkway serves the county as an important transportation link. The Reservation is a defining geography and unifying factor along its 12.5 miles from the Bronx border to Kensico Dam. It provides much-needed and much-used greenspace, passing through densely populated urban areas like Yonkers, Mount Vernon and White Plains, as well as the hamlets, villages and towns of Bronxville, Tuckahoe, Crestwood, Eastchester, Scarsdale and Hartsdale.

The Bronx River Parkway Reservation Conservancy links concerned citizens with the Westchester County government, which owns and maintains the road, pathway and extraordinary parkland that was created over 80 years ago. The river which travels through Westchester and the Bronx to Long Island Sound is currently the subject of major regional water-quality and environmental initiatives.

In recognition of the intact historic character of the Reservation, its 10 northernmost miles were listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1990.  It was designated a New York State Scenic Byway in 1995.


The vinecutting effort (led by board member Bob DelTorto) has become an official Westchester County Parks Department volunteer effort. The effort has trained over 200 volunteers and saved signature trees along the entire 12.5 mile corridor. Visit for a schedule of events.

Pitch In For Parks: Annual Volunteer Spring Clean Up of the Bronx River Reservation

The Bronx River Parkway Reservation Conservancy provides organizational support for the annual spring volunteer clean up of the Bronx River Reservation. The 10 locations for volunteers to assemble from Bronxville to White Plains are: Scout Field, Midland Avenue to Palmer Road, Headquarters Field from Palmer to Pondfield Road West, Bronxville Lake, Tuckahoe Road to Scarsdale Road, Crestwood Lake, Leewood drive to Harney Road, Scarsdale Train Station north and south, White Plains and The County Center.

In this effort, the Westchester County Parks Department supplies the Conservancy with bags and gloves and removes the collected debris piled up at each section of the Reservation. The Conservancy distributes the County supplies to its area captains along with clippers, rakes, waders and a kayak. In all, approximately 250 volunteers from the neighborhoods along the Bronx River turn out on a day in April (as close to Earth Day as practical) and pick up all manner of debris along the parkland and from the river. The clean up, enjoyed by all, has turned up many interesting items including a frozen supermarket turkey found in the water near the bridge on Pondfield Road West, an old telephone pole top circa 1910, a sofa, vacuum cleaner, tires and other items too numerous to detail.

It is a satisfying day especially for children who delight in finding unusual objects as they explore the Reservation. One parent reported that her children said before going to bed, β€œIt was the best day we ever had.” Groups of teenagers from local school, scouts, and members of the Junior League also participate.

Clearing the Bronx River

Clearing the Bronx River

Flood waters During a STORM

Flood waters During a STORM